Effects of Affect Emotions & Health Opinions

Expressing Love May Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

How can designing for emotion help improve medical care? An article on Medical News Today describes a study in Human Communication Research that suggests expressing love may help lower cholesterol…

Neuroscience Psychology

Moral Decisions are Social Emotional Decisions

Would you kill one person to save others? Two recent medical articles here and here discuss recent findings by neuroscientists showing damage to a particular portion of the brain that is known to process social emotions can affect moral judgments…

Affective Design Theory Emotional Services

LEMTool – Experiment #1: Results

Kevin Capota has posted the results of the first experiment with the LEMTool. His blog displays three emotion scorecards that rate three websites…

Effects of Affect Emotion & Business

The Emotional Side of Security – Part 2

Wired News has an excerpt from Bruce Schneier’s essay on The Psychology of Security

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Robots and Ethics

The South Korean government has forecast that every South Korean will own a robot by 2020. Information like this has prompted the drafting of a Robots Ethics Charter…

Effects of Affect Emotion & Business Opinions

Disappointment Beats Exceeding Expectations

Medical News Today has an article from the Journal of Consumer Research about how disappointment tends to have more impact on perceptions of a product or service than when our expectations have been exceeded…

Effects of Affect Emotion & Business Persuasion

Emotions Dominate Decision-Making

An article on USA Today discusses how a study in the field of neuroeconomics is offering some confirmination of recent observations by neuroscientists regarding emotion’s dominant role in the brain’s decision-making process…