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Design for Emotion Links

Design & Emotion Society
The website of the Design & Emotion society, whose goal is to:
“raise issues and facilitate dialogue among practitioners, researchers and industry in order to inetgrate salient themes of emotional experience into the design profession.”

A website presented by the Design & Emotion Society that offers tools and methods for integrating emotion into the design process.

Design & Emotion
Marco van Hout presents opinions and interviews on design & emotion. His blog features interviews with leading design professionals from some of the most respected brands.

MIT Affective Computing Lab
“Afective Computing is computing that relates to, arises from, or deliberately influences emotions.” The MIT Affective Computing Lab is run by Rosalind Picard.

Donald Norman on Emotion and Design
Donald Norman’s book on Emotional Design. A great introduction to the topic.

ID StudioLab
The ID StudioLab in Delft, Netherlands incorporates the study of design for emotion into their industrial design program, and is the ‘home’ of Paul Hekkert and Pieter Desmet, whose PhD, “Designing Emotions” answers many of the basic, relevant questions around design and emotion. Pieter also created “PrEmo“, a tool for measuring emotional responses based on facial expressions and is quite a nice guy.

Humaine: Emotion
“HUMAINE aims to lay the foundations for European development of systems that can register, model and/or influence human emotional and emotion-related states and processes – ’emotion-oriented systems’.”
The Humaine site provides news, events, research positions, a toolbox of methods and links to practitioners and researchers in the field.

Japan Society for Kansei Engineering
The Japan Society for Kansei Engineering promotes KANSEI engineering as “trans-disciplinary engineering that extends over the humanities, social science and natural science”. Kansei engineering was responsible for the design of the original Mazda Miata.

Experience Dynamics
Frank Spillers blogs on usability and emotion & design from Portland, Oregon.

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