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Looking for exciting places to visit? is a site that:

“allows people to selectively share and interpret their own biometric data.”

This is accomplished by connecting Galvanic Skin Response measurements with georgraphic locations via GPS…
I assume this is meant to indicate locations that have particularly exciting, or as they say in emotion research “arousing” features. We can imagine the thrill someone might get from standing near to Niagara Falls, for example. Unfortunately, Galvanic Skin Response can also measure negatively arousing events, like fear, that cause changes in heart rate and skin conductivity. If they have enough people (or few enough) to ensure that the measurements do, in fact, reflect an area’s natural capacity to evoke excitement, this could be a very interesting initiative. This intitiative asks:

“How will our perceptions of our community and environment change when we become aware of our own and each others intimate body states?”

Like junior high all over again? 😉
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