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LEMTool – Experiment #1: Results

Kevin Capota has posted the results of the first experiment with the LEMTool. His blog displays three emotion scorecards that rate three websites… Read more

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Robots and Ethics

The South Korean government has forecast that every South Korean will own a robot by 2020. Information like this has prompted the drafting of a Robots Ethics Charter… Read more

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LEMTool – Experiment #1

Kevin Capota, a master’s student at Twente University, is running the first experiment to test out his Layered Emotion Measurement Tool… Read more

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One Step Closer To Emotional Machines

The Christian Science Monitor has an article on recent advances in affective computing… Read more

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How’s the internet feeling today?

We Feel Fine is the brainchild of Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar. The site ‘harvests’ human feelings (nice image ;-)) from weblogs by searching for the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling” and then identifying the… Read more

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Looking for exciting places to visit? is a site that:

“allows people to selectively share and interpret their own biometric data.”

This is accomplished by connecting Galvanic Skin Response measurements with georgraphic locations via GPS… Read more

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