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Redesigning the affectivedesign Banner

You may have noticed that the banner has changed. The original banner graphic was a placeholder that wound up remaining on the site a little longer than I had intended… The original banner didn’t really represent what this site is all about; that is, the multi-level influence of the emotional affect created by products, brands and services.

The images in the banner depict some examples of items that can create emotional affect, often on more than one level. Most of images are photos that I took of things in my home or in my neighborhood, although a few were taken in Europe. I hope this new banner arouses a little more of your attention and inspires you to stay tuned as affectivedesign continues to cover everything related to design and emotion!

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2 replies on “Redesigning the affectivedesign Banner”

I think it has more to do with the fact that there’s a spa down the road. But I did seek out these particular brands because of the status they have associated with them. Status is obviously an important “reflective” emotional characteristic (to use Don Norman’s terminology). Thanks Marco!

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