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Contributions to Deconstructing Product Design

Happy New Year! Back in November, 2008, I wrote a post on behalf of William Lidwell asking the readers of to submit comments and observations for possible inclusion in William Lidwell and Gerry Manacsa‘s new book; Deconstructing Product Design.

Deconstructing Product DesignAt the time, I submitted some comments and observations of my own. So I was thrilled to have several of my contributions accepted for the publication. Deconstructing Product Design features witty and insightful comments from a number of esteemed designers, including friends and peers in the industry like Jon Kolko, Dan Saffer, and Steve Portigal. I contributed comments on a number of entries, with two making it into the final publication.

Aeron Armchair
Apple iPhone
Apple PowerMac G4 Cube
Atari Joystick
Chaise Longue LC4
Fiskar’s O-Series Scissors (Included in the book)
Maglite Flashlight
Movado Museum Watch (Included in the book)
Motorola Razr V3
Sacco Chair
Vespa 98

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