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5. Colour, Emotion and Attention

An article by Trevor van Gorp Colour is one aspect of an interface that prominently comes into play when we are discussing design and emotion for products, software and websites. As with anything that evokes emotion, there are both conscious and unconscious processes involved… Read more

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4. Value, Arousal and Emotional Expressions

article Another way to describe the relationship between emotions is in terms of the relationship between two dimensions; value and arousalRead more

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3. Emotions, Moods, Sentiments and Personality Traits

article Emotions affect how we feel, how we think, what we say and what we do. We represent the objects we encounter and the experiences we have in… Read more

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2. The Influence of Emotional Affect

An article by Trevor van Gorp In order to understand and apply emotions to the practice of design, it’s necessary to understand what differentiates different types of emotions, and the effect of emotions on… Read more


1. An Introduction to Emotions

An article by Trevor van Gorp Emotions are the means employed by the mind to evaluate the organism’s internal and external environment and respond appropriately… Read more


Coming Soon: All About Design for Emotion

article Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting articles drawn directly from my master’s thesis work in emotions and HCI… Read more

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LEMTool for measuring emotions during website interaction

Kevin Capota, a master’s student at Twente University in the Netherlands, has written an article covering some of my master’s thesis research in emotions and HCI… Read more

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