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Visualize and Communicate Information Persuasively

When it comes to communicating information in a way that resonates persuasively with people, it’s important to tailor how that information is displayed…

You have the data, but how do you communicate that information to your audience persuasively? With the Periodic Table of Visualization Methods, you no longer have an excuse for poor information design. Over at, they’ve created a periodic table of visualization methods that more than likely contains the right visualization tool to make your information “sing” to your audience.

The methods are grouped and colour-coded into data visualization, information visualization, concept visualization, strategy visualization, metaphor visualization and compound visualization. Click any item on the table to see an example. The diagrams are not the most viscerally appealing (they’re not the prettiest diagrams I’ve ever seen), but the methods table will give you a lot of ideas on how best to structure the information you’re presenting.

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