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Emotion, Arousal, Attention and Flow on Slideshare

In a previous post, I mentioned how Stephen P. Anderson had utilized a few slides from my 2006 IA Summit talk for his fantastic presentation entitled Creating Pleasurable InterfacesI finally got around to doing something that I’ve been thinking about for some time now; uploading my presentation to Slideshare. The presentation represents a broad overview of some of the issues related to designing for emotion including flow, how flow relates to emotion, user interface as conversation and product personalities.

Based on my master’s thesis research in Industrial Design, the presentation addresses several questions that I felt were important for gaining an understanding of design and emotion including:

– Why is emotion important to user experience?
– What differentiates one emotion from another?
– What emotional states should be our goal with design?
What specific product properties elicit changes in emotions?
– In what sequence should we elicit emotions?

Following this, there’s a case study where I explored the effects of dominant and submissive interface personalities through the re-design of an interface for a mobile phone application. You can view the presentation below or download Emotion, Arousal Attention and Flow from Slideshare. I hope you find it interesting!

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