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“Design for Emotion” Now Available

After seven years of research and almost one and a half years of writing, I’m very pleased to announce that the book I’ve co-authored with Microsoft’s Edie Adams on designing for emotion and personality is available on Amazon.

Drawing on our combined experience of over 30 years in graphic, interactive and industrial design, human factors, and product management, Design for Emotion explores the what, when, where, why and how of designing emotion and personality. We define and model emotion and personality in a way that relates directly to design practice.

To help illustrate how emotion and personality can be applied across different design disciplines, marketing and communications, we’ve also included practical case studies and interviews with some of the brightest minds utilizing emotion in design, including:


Case Studies

  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Reference Designs – by Moni Wolf
  • The Emotional Elements of PICO™ by Matt Pattison, Shayal Chhibber, Damian Smith and Chris Fryer

For more information about the book, head on over to the new Design for Emotion site, or buy the book on

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