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Get Your Free Copy of Chapter 1 of “Design for Emotion”

UPDATED: Sept. 20: Over at the “Design for Emotion” site, you can get a free draft copy of Chapter 1 of our upcoming book, “Design for Emotion“.

Get Your Draft Copy Free

To get a free draft copy of Chapter 1, just sign up. When you do, we’ll send you an email with a link to download your copy.

Design for Emotion website

Send Us Your Feedback

When you’re done reading the advance draft of Chapter 1, please send us your feedback. We welcome everyone’s comments about the book and we’ll be updating you on our progress as we go.

If you have any problems getting your copy of Chapter 1, don’t hesitate to email us. We’ll send you the Chapter ASAP.

For more on the book, “Design for Emotion” see:
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