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Brands and the Emotion Economy

Hotel News has an article about how brands need to respond to customers’ emotional needs to build and sustain brand loyalty. The article focuses on three key points, paraphrased below…

1. Deliver what you Promise:
Don’t fail to manage and meet the expectations that you set for your customers/users.

2. Seize the Opportunity to “WOW”:
Identify opportunities to provide unexpected, added value to your customers or users and empower them to act on that opportunity independently. In simpler terms, surprise them with a great experience that is more than they expect.

3. Know your Emotional Touch Points:
Identify the key points where there are opportunities to build the customer relationship. These may be so-called ‘pain points’ in your current process, or areas where a little something extra can add value.

A quote from the article.

Welcome to the dawn of the ’emotion economy,’ where every marketer worth their weight in cappuccino is desperately trying to create the bond between customer and company that causes customers to act…well, emotionally.

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