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After many hours of work, late nights and a lot of coffee, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of! Read more


An Interview with Microsoft’s Edie Adams – Pt. 2

In part 1 of this interview, I talked with Edie Adams about the many innovative products she has helped develop at Microsoft. In part 2, my interview with Edie Adams continues, as we discuss product semiotics, designing products at the right emotional level and designing for flow… Read more


An Interview with Microsoft’s Edie Adams – Pt. 1

Edie AdamsYou may not know Edie Adams by name, but if you’ve ever used a computer, chances are you’ve had your hands on one of her innovations. Edie had a hand in creation of the scroll wheel, the Microsoft Natural Keyboard and many other innovations in hardware design… Read more

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The Emotional Side of Security – Part 2

Wired News has an excerpt from Bruce Schneier’s essay on The Psychology of SecurityRead more

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Disappointment Beats Exceeding Expectations

Medical News Today has an article from the Journal of Consumer Research about how disappointment tends to have more impact on perceptions of a product or service than when our expectations have been exceeded… Read more

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Emotions Dominate Decision-Making

An article on USA Today discusses how a study in the field of neuroeconomics is offering some confirmination of recent observations by neuroscientists regarding emotion’s dominant role in the brain’s decision-making process… Read more


Robots and Emotion

An article on BBC News discusses a multi-country, European initiative called Feelix Growing that is focusing on developing technologies to help robots learn and interpret human emotional responses and behavior. Read more

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The Emotional Side of Security – Part 1

A recent article on Dark Reading explains how security experts are realizing that internet security is both “a reality and a feeling”… Read more

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A Top Trend for 2007: Status has an article about how status will be a top trend for 2007. But we’re not just talking about status in the traditional sense of owning and displaying expensive brands… Read more

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Pharmaceutical Advertising Relies on Emotional Appeal

Medical News Today has an article about how pharmaceutical advertising relies on appeals to consumer’s emotions rather than on providing information… Read more

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Older People Are Less Affected By Unpleasant Info?

Reuters has an article about how older people are less affected by unpleasant information. This is an interesting finding, since it has previously been found that negative, unpleasant information is more motivating and captures more attention than positive information… Read more


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