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“Affluenza” and Consumerism

Reuters has an article about “Affluenza“; how rampant consumerism appears to be increasing the incidence of depression and mental illness all over the globe… Read more


Retailers Use Emotions for Persuasion

Last September, I was in Sweden to give a presentation at Design and Emotion 2006. While shopping in a local department store, I came across a pair of pants that I liked… Read more

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The Personality of Apple’s Products

The recent introduction of the iPhone has me thinking again about how Apple excels at communicating a consistent personality for each of their products… Read more

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Pain, Pleasure and Purchase Decisions

An article on discusses how researchers have used a functional MRI to image the brains of shoppers while they make purchase decisions… Read more

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Materialism and Self-Esteem in Children

Medical News Today has an article about how feelings of self-esteem affect materialistic values in youths and adolescents… Read more

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Road Rage on the Information Highway

EE Times has an article about how people exposed to poorly designed and hosted websites exhibit symptoms similar to those experienced during road rage… Read more


Positive Emotions Foster Creativity

A recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that positive moods foster creative thought… Read more

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Tapping into the “Empathic Economy”

Creative Generalist has an interview with Jane Fulton Suri from IDEO about tapping into what she calls the “empathic economy”… Read more

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Unconscious, Emotional Decisions?

New Scientist has an article about how making complex decisions by relying on the unconscious mind results in more satisfaction… Read more

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Emotional Burnout and the New Ergonomics?

NY Magazine has an article about burnout in the workplace. The article is notable in that it talks about how one of the effects of the “always on” economy is… Read more

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Interviews on Emotion and Design

From the website Design & Emotion, Marco van Hout interviews business leaders and folks from leading design agencies on the topic of emotion and design… Read more

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