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affective design Improves the Experience

Last week, affective design’s latest user experience project was launched, with the help of Yellow Pencil (who handled the build) and Dirty Lab (who handled the visual design). Read more

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The Power of Verbalizing Emotions

Ever wonder why it makes you feel better to talk with friends, see a counselor, or write in your journal when you’re upset? Naming or labeling emotions reduces their intensity and helps make them easier to deal with… Read more

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Expressing Love May Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

How can designing for emotion help improve medical care? An article on Medical News Today describes a study in Human Communication Research that suggests expressing love may help lower cholesterol… Read more

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The Emotional Side of Security – Part 2

Wired News has an excerpt from Bruce Schneier’s essay on The Psychology of SecurityRead more

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Disappointment Beats Exceeding Expectations

Medical News Today has an article from the Journal of Consumer Research about how disappointment tends to have more impact on perceptions of a product or service than when our expectations have been exceeded… Read more

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Emotions Dominate Decision-Making

An article on USA Today discusses how a study in the field of neuroeconomics is offering some confirmination of recent observations by neuroscientists regarding emotion’s dominant role in the brain’s decision-making process… Read more


The Emotional Side of Security – Part 1

A recent article on Dark Reading explains how security experts are realizing that internet security is both “a reality and a feeling”… Read more

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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Simplicity

In northern climates, some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (or S.A.D.), a mood disorder that causes depressive symptoms… Read more


Video Games That Improve Emotional Health

Reuters has an article about how the success of games that help to improve the mental abilities of players is inspiring developers to create a new genre of video games… Read more

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Pain, Pleasure and Purchase Decisions

An article on discusses how researchers have used a functional MRI to image the brains of shoppers while they make purchase decisions… Read more

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Video Games Provide More Than Just Fun

Reuters has an article that has also appeared on CBC News on how video games provide more than just fun, satisfying deeper psychological and emotional needs… Read more

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