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Older People Are Less Affected By Unpleasant Info?

Reuters has an article about how older people are less affected by unpleasant information. This is an interesting finding, since it has previously been found that negative, unpleasant information is more motivating and captures more attention than positive information…

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“Affluenza” and Consumerism

Reuters has an article about “Affluenza“; how rampant consumerism appears to be increasing the incidence of depression and mental illness all over the globe…

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Retailers Use Emotions for Persuasion

Last September, I was in Sweden to give a presentation at Design and Emotion 2006. While shopping in a local department store, I came across a pair of pants that I liked…

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The Personality of Apple’s Products

The recent introduction of the iPhone has me thinking again about how Apple excels at communicating a consistent personality for each of their products…

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One Step Closer To Emotional Machines

The Christian Science Monitor has an article on recent advances in affective computing…

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Pain, Pleasure and Purchase Decisions

An article on discusses how researchers have used a functional MRI to image the brains of shoppers while they make purchase decisions…

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Expectations Determine Happiness

The New York Times has an article about how our expectations determine how happy we are…


Happy New Year from affective design!

I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at affective design…