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Comcast Experience Maps

Over at the nForm User Experience Blog, Gene Smith has published the Experience Maps we created for Comcast’s now discontinued Game Invasion site. Back when I was at nForm, we were hired to help Comcast deepen their understanding of their customers for the creation of a gaming site. Creating the Experience Maps with Gene was one of my favorite projects during my tenure at nForm.

The project involved extensive user interviews, the creation of personas, and the conception of a new style of deliverable we called an “Experience Map”. Jess McMullin and I subsequently used an Experience Map on another project to help frame the mental space for business requirements gathering.

Because the research provided such rich insights into how different types of gamers go through the process of purchasing games, we combined a persona with a step-by-step sequence of activities to produce three different experience maps; one for each persona.

Solitary Escapist Gamer

Escapist Gamer

Genre Specific Gamer

Genre Specific Gamer

Social Gamer

Social Gamer

You can download a larger version of this experience map from the nForm site. “Experience Map” is also card #22 in the UX Methods Trading Cards.

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