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Searching for Happiness

Happiness is a topic that has been getting a lot of attention lately in design and research circles. One of the difficulties with any discussion around “happiness” is that everyone’s definition of the term differs. This ambiguity leads me to question exactly what it is that designers and researchers are measuring against when they find more or less “happiness”. Read more

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Money Can Buy You Happiness, But Friends Cost a Lot Less

According to a research team from the University of London, money CAN buy you happiness. That being said, chances are you won’t get the kind of raise you’d need to compensate for losing the things that bring you happiness… Read more

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Expressing Love May Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

How can designing for emotion help improve medical care? An article on Medical News Today describes a study in Human Communication Research that suggests expressing love may help lower cholesterol… Read more

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Emotions and the Immune System

Science News has an article about how positive emotions reduce the emergence of cold symptoms… Read more

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