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Emotion, Arousal, Attention and Flow on Slideshare

In a previous post, I mentioned how Stephen P. Anderson had utilized a few slides from my 2006 IA Summit talk for his fantastic presentation entitled Creating Pleasurable Interfaces

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Visualize and Communicate Information Persuasively

When it comes to communicating information in a way that resonates persuasively with people, it’s important to tailor how that information is displayed…

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PC World’s 20 Most Annoying Tech Products

PC World lists the 20 Most Annoying Tech Products. And for some reason, their #1 choice reminds me of Seinfeld and Grunge

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Happiness, Engagement and Love in Video Games

As the emotional effects of video games become more and more apparent, the games themselves are diversifying to occupy different emotional “niches”…

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Creating Pleasurable Interfaces with Stephen P. Anderson

Stephen P. Anderson from PoetPainter has posted a presentation on Slideshare entitled “Creating Pleasurable Interfaces: Getting From Tasks to Experiences”…