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Brand Personality and Trust

According to research presented at CHI 2007, users judge the relevancy of identical search results from different search engines based on the brand, with Yahoo and Google coming out on top…

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Money Can Buy You Happiness, But Friends Cost a Lot Less

According to a research team from the University of London, money CAN buy you happiness. That being said, chances are you won’t get the kind of raise you’d need to compensate for losing the things that bring you happiness…

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Testing Emotional Responses to Websites

Over at Simpler is Better, Iain Barker describes how he used 118 emotion words from the Microsoft Product Reaction Cards to test people’s reactions to websites…

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How Does Culture Affect What We Focus on?

With globalization, more products and services are being distributed to a global, multicultural audience. What kinds of adjustments need to be made to tailor these products to different cultures?