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Last week, affective design’s latest user experience project was launched, with the help of Yellow Pencil (who handled the build) and Dirty Lab (who handled the visual design).

Government and municipal websites often suffer from a number of issues including poorly defined business and communication goals, a lack of governance (i.e. who is responsible for what) and organization-centric labeling. Added together, these issues create sites with poor usability that offer a negative experience for most users.

A quick glance at many of the government and municipal websites in North America will reveal cluttered and confusing user interfaces with poorly labeled navigation. These issues are a direct consequence of the lack of a cohesive user experience strategy.

During the last 14 months, affective design has been working closely with the City of Edmonton to create a strategy for the information architecture and interaction design of their new website. Initially hired to take care of usability for the site, Affective Design supplied the City of Edmonton with the information structures, layout and interaction design for the site.

Although the site is still in development (they’re still ironing out some of the bugs) the new City of Edmonton website offers users improved information architecture and easy to use navigation, wrapped up in a simplified interface designed around concrete communication goals.

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