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Emotions and the Immune System

Science News has an article about how positive emotions reduce the emergence of cold symptoms… Read more

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Road Rage on the Information Highway

EE Times has an article about how people exposed to poorly designed and hosted websites exhibit symptoms similar to those experienced during road rage… Read more


Positive Emotions Foster Creativity

A recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that positive moods foster creative thought… Read more

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Unconscious, Emotional Decisions?

New Scientist has an article about how making complex decisions by relying on the unconscious mind results in more satisfaction… Read more

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Signs, Signals, Emotion and Attention

Spiegel Online has a fascinating article about how some European cities are experimenting with reducing or eliminating traffic signals and signs, and in some places, even removing the distinction between sidewalks and roads. So at this point, you may be thinking, “how does this relate to emotion?”… Read more

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Games that respond to our emotions? (Part 1) has developed a headset that can trackshifts in emotions during gameplay. I assume that when they say “emotions” they are referring specifically to… Read more

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How the colour of jail cells affects inmates’ emotions

CourtTV has an article about how painting jails pink can calm aggravated inmates… Read more


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