Emotion & Business Opinions Launches

After many hours of work, late nights and a lot of coffee, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of!

Emotion & UX Opinions Workshops

UX Camp Edmonton

Affective Design is proud to sponsor the first user experience camp in Edmonton.

Affective Design Theory Emotion & UX Emotional Products

Ubisoft Aims for More Emotional Games

Over at Wired Magazine, Ubisoft’s Montreal CEO talks about the importance of making video games more emotional to increase appeal to gamers.

Emotional Products Opinions

Games that respond to our emotions? (Part 2)

Weekend America has a story about how a device made by EmSense can monitor emotions for use in gaming applications.

“Video games that can tell what you’re feeling and even alter how the game reacts to you based on your emotional state are on the horizon, says Mike Zyda, who heads up the University of Southern California’s video game development program.”…

Effects of Affect Emotional Products Opinions

Games that respond to our emotions? (Part 1) has developed a headset that can trackshifts in emotions during gameplay. I assume that when they say “emotions” they are referring specifically to…

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