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Sony’s Multi-Function Phone

Keeping with today’s mobile phone theme, has an article about a new phone from Sony-Ericsson, the W44S, which has a dual hinge feature that allows it to… Read more

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Panasonic Emotion Phone has an article about a new phone from Panasonic (the “P702iD“) that includes visualizations (in the form of colour and image changes) of emotional state through voice analysis with something called… Read more

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1. An Introduction to Emotions

An article by Trevor van Gorp Emotions are the means employed by the mind to evaluate the organism’s internal and external environment and respond appropriately… Read more


Coming Soon: All About Design for Emotion

article Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting articles drawn directly from my master’s thesis work in emotions and HCI… Read more

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Games that respond to our emotions? (Part 1) has developed a headset that can trackshifts in emotions during gameplay. I assume that when they say “emotions” they are referring specifically to… Read more

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How the colour of jail cells affects inmates’ emotions

CourtTV has an article about how painting jails pink can calm aggravated inmates… Read more


LEMTool for measuring emotions during website interaction

Kevin Capota, a master’s student at Twente University in the Netherlands, has written an article covering some of my master’s thesis research in emotions and HCI… Read more

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Design & Emotion 2006: The Presentations

I recently returned from presenting at Design & Emotion 2006 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference was really very well run, and one of the best I’ve attended (the food was amazing!). My only complaint was the quality of some of the presentations. Now first off, let me make this clear. In almost all of the presentations, the material was very interesting and professionally researched. However, several observations… Read more


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