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Interviews on Emotion and Design

From the website Design & Emotion, Marco van Hout interviews business leaders and folks from leading design agencies on the topic of emotion and design… Read more

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Purchase Decisions are Based on Emotional Meaning

ABC News has an article about how marketers use the emotional associations we have with their brands to influence our purchase decisions… Read more

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Air Canada Ignores Experience Across Channels

Every time I’m forced to book a flight with Air Canada, due to the virtual monopoly they enjoy on Canadian flights, the experience can only be described as… Read more

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2. The Influence of Emotional Affect

An article by Trevor van Gorp In order to understand and apply emotions to the practice of design, it’s necessary to understand what differentiates different types of emotions, and the effect of emotions on… Read more


Representing Emotions on the Internet

The W3C has created a group to explore the increased use of emotional cues on the web, including a set language for representing and annotating emotions… Read more

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Detecting Aggression on the Street

New Scientist Tech has an article about how the town of Groningen in the Netherlands has installed microphones at street level to help monitor the ’emotional’ activity on the street… Read more

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Brands and the Emotion Economy

Hotel News has an article about how brands need to respond to customers’ emotional needs to build and sustain brand loyalty. The article focuses on three key points, paraphrased below… Read more

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How’s the internet feeling today?

We Feel Fine is the brainchild of Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar. The site ‘harvests’ human feelings (nice image ;-)) from weblogs by searching for the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling” and then identifying the… Read more

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Detect the ‘Mood’ of the Room

Steve Portigal sent me a link about a Japanese system called the Symbiotic Hosting Online Jog Instrument (SHQJI). This product can… Read more

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Games that respond to our emotions? (Part 2)

Weekend America has a story about how a device made by EmSense can monitor emotions for use in gaming applications.

“Video games that can tell what you’re feeling and even alter how the game reacts to you based on your emotional state are on the horizon, says Mike Zyda, who heads up the University of Southern California’s video game development program.”…

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Signs, Signals, Emotion and Attention

Spiegel Online has a fascinating article about how some European cities are experimenting with reducing or eliminating traffic signals and signs, and in some places, even removing the distinction between sidewalks and roads. So at this point, you may be thinking, “how does this relate to emotion?”… Read more

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